Important Notice (7/20/02): This page is no longer operational. For membership info, please go to the new web site found on the "events" page.

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Note that you do not have to be a member to attend Big Bend Events. But membership has other prileges and it is only 10 bucks. We give you a Big Bend Miata Club license plate frame when you sign up.

You can also use this page to provide feedback, whether you are a member or not.

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We encourage you to fill in the rest of the form below. It helps us understand people's preferences for our club. The submit button is at the bottom of the page.

What sort of events would you be interested in?

Nah Maybe Yes! Description:
Timing belt changes. Miata owners get together to replace their own timing belts.
Tech Sessions Information sessions about various technical aspects of Miatas.
Parade Crashing. One fun club activity: crash a parade en masse. The club finds out where the staging area is located, and just appears at the appropriate time. When the dude with the clipboard says he doesn't see any Miata club listed, tell him it was a last-minute thing. Then get in line. Thematic decoration optional. (Thanks, Lanny).
Bug Run. Miatas with measured pieces of masking tape on their noses and mirrors run through bug-infested regions. Bug splat closest to center wins, with consolation prices for most bugs splatted and for biggest bug splat.
Show and Drive. Miata drivers meet at a designated spot. Everybody writes a destination and puts them in a hat. One is drawn, and that is where we go.
Poker Run. Each participant is given a map, usually with little detail, to get to checkpoints. At each checkpoint, participants draw a card. Best poker hand wins. Jody already organized one once.
Hare and Hound. Hare leaves a trail, with confirmation markers 300 ft after each turn. Shortest mileage wins.
Other Events Other driving or nondriving events. Use the comments box for suggestions.

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