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Return to Talladega
Posted by Jon (through Leon) on January 06, 2002 at 12:23:44:


I was in Atlanta this weekend and stopped by R-Speed, of course I
picked up some goodies... I also asked about the ATL club and their
proposed Talladega day in the Spring. They didn't know for sure but I
was told that R-Speed on occasion will reserve the course themselves
for 10 drivers or so and head over for a day. They said they will put
me on the list if they do this and they'll let me know.

It sounds like though Talladega can be reserved by anyone for $1000
during the week and $3000 for weekends. I know week days are hard for
everyone, including me but it's something to consider.

Pass this on to the gang and I'll let them know if I hear anything.

Jon Conley

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