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Edd Hendricks
Posted by Paul de Florio on January 29, 2002 at 15:42:38:

For those of you who made the breakfast last year with Edd who drove on Interstate 10 from the west "shaker" coast to the east coast and who graciously stopped and had breakfast with us, he is running this years "One Lap of America". It is a sort of race around the USA running on local roads and a number of Race Tracks and he is doing it in his prepared 1990 Miata! This is usually covered in Car and Driver and is quite an event testing both cars and drivers. Everything and anything can run it!

Also have ordered my new shocks and springs and brakes and stainless ;lines and pads so when they come in we can schedule a couple of tech sessions. Jodi has said he will help and we can then help him as he does the brakes on his car!

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