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Re: Attitudes
Posted by Leon on February 21, 2002 at 21:34:40:

In Reply to: Attitudes posted by Paul on February 11, 2002 at 13:30:31:

: I am sorry for not having "formally" voted! Shame on me!

Too late to be sorry now.

: My penance will be to try harder to play by the rules. I will henceforth from this date forward strive to always vote yes!

In that case, we will be able to count your vote.

: And as a sign of my contrition, I will triple up my dues so that I can be contrite 3x!

In that case, you will be allowed to vote "yes" thrice.

: By the way, do you need to own a Miata to join?


: And are all couples required to shell out double?

Only if they want to vote "yes" twice.

: After all only payers can vote, sort of like a real Florida election, ehh?

I will take campaign contributions, if that worries

: I plan on being at the next meeting but I for on think that the brews there are quite good!

: Hope folks can make the tech session at my house even though it was not voted on.

I doubt it, without knowning where this house is.

: I will pick up the tab so that there is no need of a vote.

We need to vote on what kind of beer you will be getting.

: And as a side thought wafts through my head : How about less meetings on business and more with fun thrown in for a "hook"?

Sounds good to me.

: in peace, I hope, paul

Leon :)

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