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Re: Last weekend's autocross
Posted by paul on June 05, 2002 at 09:17:12:

In Reply to: Last weekend's autocross posted by James Golz on June 04, 2002 at 23:09:06:

>Wow! What a course! Lots of speed and lots of fun! What did you guys think? I'll definitely be attending next month's autcross! Oh yeah, the June results are up now, take a look!

Sure easy for the youg kid to say, he had the fastest time of our members! Looks like Leon and I have our work cut out for us.

I thought it was a great course. Long enough to feel like a race. I need to work on my sabotage skills though, so James can take his rightful spot at the back of the pack!

Hope one day everyone can at least come out for some support. Even the Eclipses had a pack come in for a little while.

See everone next month!

And Roger, just because your times needed work last month, no excuse not to come and have James beat you too!

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