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July Auto-X in June
Posted by Jody for JD Kemp on June 06, 2002 at 13:43:00:

Dear Dixie Region Autocrossers-

We had our monthly meeting last night, and a couple of schedule changes
came out of it that I want y'all to know about. (Think of me as your "SOLO
2 Early Warning System") Since we have heard some concerns over the July
event weekend conflicting with the July 4 Holiday weekend, we are going to
move the event date forward a week. That will mean that this particular
July autocross is going to be run on Sunday, JUNE 30. OK, got that?
Sunday, JUNE 30, friends and neighbors... Be There!!

But wait, there's more....

Because of the hot weather, we're going to be starting a bit earlier in the
day. Instead of the old familiar schedule, we will be opening registration
at 0800. (That's 8AM to all the civilians in the group.) Registration
will run from 0800 to 0915 ("Quarter after Nine, in other words.) Then, we
will have the usual Jim Carr seminar for the novices of the group. This
Novice Walk Through will last, hopefully, about 15 minutes. This will
allow us to have the driver's meeting at 0930, and get started playing
"race-car-driver" by about 1000.

Let me go over that schedule again:

0800 to 0915 Registration
0915 to 0930 Novice Walk Through
0930 to 1000 Driver's Meeting
1000 to ?? TIMED RUNS (The FUN part!)

We also intend to break the group up into THREE run groups, instead of the
usual two. This means everybody gets one session to work, one session to
run, and one session of "time off." The time off period is to be used to
recover from the heat, go to the store (or the Boy Scouts) and get
something to drink, eat lunch, etc, etc. Please bear in mind that we are
an all-volunteer group, and that we need you to perform your work session,
so that the other folks get to race. In other words, after you do your
timed runs don't think that your time off period includes going home for
the rest of the day.

OK, that's the news for now. I realize that several of you getting this
message were at the meeting, but I want to spread the info as far as
possible, for everyone's benefit. If you know another autocrosser that is
not on my address list, please forward this on to that person. We want
everybody to come out and play on the 30th. See ya there!

Peace, Love, & Pushrods-
JD Kemp &
"Lucretia MacEvil" #13 MGB

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